The Sweet Childhood I Have Left Behind.


Dad was that handsome hero with no match when it comes to defending me. Mum was that beautiful woman with the best pieces of advice and warm hugs. Uncle was the reliable friend I could reach when dad needed to punish me. Aunty was the name of the other cute woman I could run to when I offended mum. What happened to the innocence I had as a little boy when every adult was an awesome angel? What happened to the ever-ready smile I used to wear, even when someone was offending me? What happened to the humor I used to enjoy, even when everyone around me looked offended? What happened to the friendly jokes and lengthy comments I always had for people I truly loved?

The need to convince anyone that I really needed help was all simplified in throwing tantrums. The need to express my happiness was readily available, and anyone around me would receive my hug. The need to call for dad’s help or run to mum was as natural as calling my name in my mother tongue. The need to cry until someone attended to me was an effective weapon when the going got tough. Time has robed away the innocence that believed that dad could fight any giant on the globe. Time has taught me that mum’s hugs cannot always be available when you need them most. Time has revealed to me that not all uncles are as sweet as the ones I once had around me. Time has managed to train me to resolve differences on my own before I can run to anyone. Time has robbed me of the sweet childhood I once enjoyed in the hands of caring humans. Time has made it clear that I can never go back to those sweet days now behind me.

At the time I thought my mother’s real name was mum, no one was wiser than Dad! The time I thought Dad was the best kickboxer might have gone, but I will imitate his love! Even though I might have left those days behind me, the lessons from them will remain with me. If I could make a wish about those sweet days, I would wish they came back, even for a minute! Those were the days when almost all elderly people were naturally super-nice! Those were the days when mum was the only woman who could say, ‘I love you!’.Those were the days when I could have a change of clothes anywhere without being considered mad! Those were the days when I could get in the same bathtub with my sister, without anyone saying taboo! Those were the days when I could sleep between mum and dad, without being considered a big lunatic! Those were the days when I could switch off the television while dad is watching, and get away with it!

Like the shining beauty of a red rose in the morning, I always had the courage to wake up with a smile. Like a shining star in the middle of a dark night, my presence always caused mum to dilate with a smile. Like the natural aroma of the first rains after winter, I always had a unique way of making dad smile. Like the sound of a songbird in the thicket, my childish voice always announced my lovely presence. Oh my God, I wish those days could be brought back even for a single minute!

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Let’s see how much you miss your childhood. Mention Three things you wish could come back from your childhood. Or three things you did as a child that still amuse you any time you remember.


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