Learning to lose..The right attitude to excellence.


Excellence is a desire, not only by the elites but also by the less privileged ones. That a child is born with silver spoons depicts a good foundational decisions made and nurtured by the parents which reflected in the child’s life.

That another is born in the midst of rubbles from a fallen building doesn’t mean that this child is a failure. Parenting on the other hand, though seems a simple task yet in the actual sense involves a lot of critical and sensitive decision making.

Presently, there is a wrong trend which I observed, if not nipped in the bud might have a negative effect on children value system in the nearest future. Most times,we parents have a mindset that once our kids don’t top their respective classes, they ain’t doing well and as such are termed “failures”. Should that have been the right word to use? The answer is NO.

Let’s take a critical look at some supposedly “failures” in our contemporary world and what they have become over time.

Bill Gates

Bill gates was a Harvard dropout, yet he co-owned a business called Traf-O-Data which was still a failure. However, his passion for computer programming turned this failure into him being the pioneer of the famous software company ”Microsoft”.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was very antagonistic towards Education. At a point, his teachers thought he was “mentally retarded”, he was also dyslexic . Now, he is a lifelong visiting professor to a university in Netherlands and a tenured professor at Princeton. This is but to mention a few.

Back to the basics, parents most at times attributes grades at school as a determining factor to making it educational wise, not minding how such grades are gotten. The importance of good grades cannot be downplayed that we know, but it is not a judge to ones life performance.

Some kids are naturally slow learners that tend to catch up at a later date, provided the right push mechanism is applied. Formal education cannot be said to be the key to success. “Success is failure in progress”. It is one thing to be highly educated, it is another to be successful at what one does.

Children on one hand should be trained to be studious at school, while on the other hand should be encouraged to build on their passion, engage in extra curriculum activities, be entrepreneurial oriented and a host of other informal learning habits which has a much more positive influence on a child’s educational stability.

Research have shown that a creative and innovative mind is a key to academic excellence. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a…….

Having poor grades at school is not totally a definition of failure rather it is the ability to outshine your Contemporaries in whatsoever you have chosen to be in life that defines you. Believing in oneself is “Success”. Lets encourage our children today, tomorrow might be too late.

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