Passing the buck- the teachers dilemma

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It is often said that charity begins at home and it is a statement that has come to stay in parenting.The importance of education in a child’s life can never be underestimated yet it is of utmost importance that we define its fulcrum.

Many atimes, parents tend to think and believe that teachers’ main responsibility is to perform magic on theirs kids overnight. Suffice to say  that this assumption to an extent might hold waters but it will be totally wrong to expect that a teacher will do what the parents should have done especially during the formative years of their children.

.The school being an organised learning institute has its own functions which are defined. It won’t be totally wrong to say that the school area of jurisdiction is to reinforce the learnings  instilled in the kids from the home front.

It is highly fallacious to think that when Parents do not play impressionable roles in the lives of their kids, then the school should be held accountable.Parenting especially in this present day and time entails a close check and observation of characters displayed by kids from time to time with the aim of addressing deviations from laid down norms.

I was privilege to have been a member of a   free lance counselling   sessions on pre teens and  teens and I observed a very worrisome trend in that Parents have now stylishly passed the buck of that foundational home trainings to teachers and learning instructors which is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Therefore it is a matter of urgency that Parents embrace their roles in the formative years of their kids so as to avoid a conflict of interest when the issue of “who is to do what” in a kids life comes up.It is very wrong to assume the fact that teachers whose  role of impacting knowledge in the lives of children should be seen as elements of point and kill whenever things go wrong in lived of the kids they are tutoring.

They are no sacrificial lambs for parents shortcomings. Let the Parents arise and do their work as ecpected in order to have a better generation of kids.

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